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January 08, 2008

Finishing touches and his nursery will be ready!


January 05, 2008

It's all coming together!


December 30, 2007

First Wall semi-done

Two of the remaining 3 walls have windows and doors on them, so it shouldn't take us long to finish. We have plans to work on the room for at least 1 hour daily, so I'm thinking by Friday, the room will be done. My sister put the crib and changing table together (with some handy screwing work by me) while she was here last week. There are more pictures of this week's progress, but I'll save them for the final album once the room is finished. Just a few more days until I have a living breathing baby in my world!


November 03, 2007

Nursery Design Redo

Pillow_7I thought I was so sure I wanted a moody, purple nursery. I'm glad I chose that color early, because it has SO changed. Crib_2I got the idea from this pillow. The feel is still very modern, but the new color scheme is chocolate brown and powder blue. I'm pretty sure this won't change. Billy helped me pick the paint samples this time, so I'm more sure that this will be a better fit. Dresser_3It matches the rest of the house more. BookcaseThree things that haven't changed and I'm 100% will not change are the crib, book shelf and changing table/dresser...unless they sell out or are discontinued or something. The room is small, and these pieces fit perfectly. I have an old chest of drawers that I'll paint red. The chair I chose is of bright orange fabric.

October 18, 2007

The choice was easy.

A few strokes in on the lighter color and I put the top back on the pot. Definitely the darker one. At first I thought it was a bit dark for a baby's room, but he'll only be in there to sleep, so darker does the trick. Plus the furniture will be mostly white, which should brighten things up. It's not as dark as it looks here though. I took this pic at night and without a flash, so it doesn't actually do the color justice, but it gives you an idea. Actual painting won't start for another couple of weeks.


October 08, 2007

Time to Decorate!

I want to get it all done before moving around in general becomes more challenging. We're starting slow, but of course I have every color, every piece of art, every shelf, every piece of furniture picked out already. I had a general idea of what the nursery would look like before we knew our "it" was a "he", so as soon as it was official, I made some final tweaks to the plans and mama's ready to roll! My mom and sister will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas to help and the room should be baby-ready by mid-January.

I went to Lowe's yesterday to pick up samples of the paint color for the room--an ultra modern smokey grayish lavender. Those go on the wall this week and may the best can win. Purple is my favorite color and I've always wanted a purple room. My kitchen is red and my dining room is gold and the other rooms in the house are too big to paint purple, so I figure, I'll spend more time awake in the room than the baby, so I might as well make it as comfortable as possible for me. So I chose a shade of purple that really looks grayish brown, but is just purple enough for a little man.

The furniture I picked out is two-toned white and espresso wood and the fabric and art accents will be cream, orange and chocolate brown with splashes of green, yellow and cobalt blue. I absolutely had to incorporate blue, because a very sweet friend of mine, Sally, gave me my very first ever baby gift--a plushy blue elephant--for my very first ever baby, so Mr. Elephant gets a tiny, special wall shelf all to himself. :) Also, my coworkers all signed a dark blue kid-sized bicycle helmet for me and my little one on my 30th b-day, so I'll find a spot for that in the nursery too.

There's no real theme, but I'm feeling 70's mod owls and frogs for the fabrics and wall art, which I intend to create myself (I haven't flexed my artistic skills for a good minute, but this is a good time to dust them off and see what's left).  Actually, owls and frogs sound very Harry Potterish, but I swear it won't look witchy...whimsical, yes, but not witchy.   

I ran across the inspiration for my final design on It was love at first sight. I can't wait to see how close the feeling of the final room will be to the inspiration. All those hours of HGTV worship are about to pay off! Of course I'll keep y'all posted on the progress with before, during and after pics. To start things off, I'll share the picture that inspired my final design:


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