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I like your results. You can really see the loss. I look forward to sharing my Loss of inches and weight in a few weeks.


Raquel, thanks for the opportunity to use advocare. I did the challange and currently using the Advocare MINSMAX 3, I fell really good. I have lost over 12 pounds and 22 inches. I will do another 24 challenge soon. Thanks a satisfied customer.


thank you for the info; I emjoyed reading your blog. I started the 24 day challenge and I will be reading your blog again throughout my 24 days for encouragement!




Congratulations on your weight loss! I just got done with the 24 day challenge & lost 14.4 pounds & 17 inches. (I had a lot more to lose than you). I actually saw your results on youtube before I started my challenge, thanks for the encouragment!


Congrats! I have been using AdvoCare's products for over a year and the results have been great.


Your results are awesome! I just finished up with the challenge and I am very happy with the results as well. Now I just need to keep pushing forward!

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This text is priceless. How can I find out more?


Nice! I like your post, because it is authentic.


I really like your blog!!! Thank you for the Advocare info and I will also be trying it out <3 I've never ever dieted in my whole life and I am hoping this will lead to a cleaner, healthier, sober lifestyle. God Bless You.

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Congratulations on your weight loss!I'm still a few inches and pounds away from my size and fitness goals.

Blog ZephyrWorld

Hello! Do you use some special tricks to to bring the readers to this website on a regular basis? Can't wait to see your reply.


Today is day one of the 24 day challenge and the fiber drink was pretty difficult but managed to keep it down.Seeing your results really keeps me motivated and cant wait to see my results. Thank you for posting about your experience :0)


Awesome. My husband I love the 24 day challenge. We started using it last year and now take the cleanse every few months just for general maintenance. He likes the muscle products and I love, love, love the Catalyst. I eat them like candy.

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