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I'm Reading...

39 Things By 40

  • 1. Go kayaking.
    2. Successfully fry chicken.
    3. Ride a horse.
    4. Learn to play ukulele.
    5. Read Malcolm X biography.
    6. Learn to play Spades.
    7. Learn to swim properly.
    8. Knit hats for the homeless.
    9. Make photo memory books.
    10. Bake something and share it.
    11. Get my email inbox down from 74,540 + to zero.
    12.Watch a sunrise while drinking coffee.
    13. Watch a sunset while drinking wine.
    14. Do one of those How To Save $X in X Years plans.
    15. Go on a silent retreat.
    16. Declutter our house and garage.
    17. DELETED (finding replacement thing)
    18. Submit something for publishing.
    19. Take a fancy cooking class.
    20. Learn conversational Spanish (again).
    21. Learn conversational French (again).
    22. Earn some type of certification.
    23. Do ten real, actual push-ups in a row.
    24. Go parasailing.
    25. Learn a circus trick.
    26. Climb a tree.
    27. Have artsy professional photos taken of me, alone, just because.
    28. Ski (water and/or snow).
    29. Complete an art class.
    30. Complete a 30 day fitness-related challenge.
    31. Do all my stay-at-home-momming in "work clothes" one day.
    32. Do a split.
    33. Try paddle-boarding.
    34. Get at least one more tattoo.
    35. Get into a hammock and take a nap.
    36. Volunteer at a family soup kitchen.
    37. Learn about wine and cheese/food pairings.
    38. Get in the best shape of my life.
    39. Break at least one bad habit.