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January 2006


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i enjoyed Things You Can Tell By Looking at Her Too. it was just sweet...

I"m one of those who loved lost in translation but it's the kind of movie you like, I think, if you like the characters. Also, having been an expat, I could relate the disconnected sense one has in a foreign country where you are totally illiterate. It's like being underwater.

If you like those kinds of movies and haven't already seen this one, try "13 Conversations about one thing".

@GC-13 Conversations looks good! You always make the perfect recommendations. I'll put it in cue at my online rental spot. The title reminds me of this other neat movie I've seen..."Coffee and Cigarettes".

I understand not being into Me and You ... It's not for everyone. I think you'll like Nine Lives. I thought it was really well done. I have some questions about a few storylines so I'll be interested to see what you think. If you understand what is going on in the Lisa Gay Hamilton story. Please let me know.

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