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February 2006


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that is funny as heck. But I'm sure his Mama told him to always ask 'cause the most they can tell you is "no".

That is so weird, funny, but weird.

Ha! Did he give you extra meat as an incentive? You and God's Child just had some weird run-ins with fast food lately...

Reason enough to pack lunch!

LOL...I can't believe he asked for a ride.


LMMFAO, who does that? Lawd, I can't believe he asked you for a ride.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You should have asked him for gas money. Smart move though. Be safe!

Crazy Man!! ...good call on not giving him a ride!

Oh my god that's hilarious! Wow I guess folks are just way too familiar.

did he really think there was a possibility that you'd say yes??? geezlouweeze! is that a subway you frequent? did he think ya'll had become friends?

People get too famialir these days.... :)

Ooooh Williams Cannon...I will be driving down there next month...you need a ride :) hehehe

Thanks for commenting y'all. Bazaar, right?! Summer, I do frequent that shop, but that was my first time seeing that guy there...he's oldish, and maybe 4 feet 5 inches tall, and Mexican. Why would he feel comfortable asking ME for a ride? I think God's Child is right--that guy probably lives by "might as well ask". I guess it's good to be that way, but Dude, bum a ride off somebody who looks like they'd actually give you one, not a FEmale stranger!

How funny- I remember when I first moved here when all of the young kids still camped on the drag- some would ask for rides as you walked by to go to your car. It was so strange to me, but at the same time they were so "free" that they didn't seem to think it was creepy or unsafe...Not me- i gave a semi-stranger (my roommate's coworker) a ride once and then realized that he was on crack. He asked me for money when I dropped him off.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Man...I thought crazy ish like that only happened to me. My friends think I just have a really vivid and comedic imagination. But no, sh*t like this really happens. I feel better now.

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