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October 2006


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Not cheesey, confirmation is always a good thing! I think it's kinda cool when stuff like that happens.

we need those moments in life...simply to remind us :)

I would think that was awesome, too!

Paula! I love you man. What's up really? You know Cheronda's down here now. You need to come visit while the weather's cool.

I notice signs and hope for serendipitous moments. When that happens, I feel like I'm on the right path in my life.

I love that song and the whole CD. It's playing in my car too!

Right! I'm "J" buuut. Rodney said that he and I would make a trip of it in the next few weeks. We still haven't agreed on exactly when though. We just talked about it week before last. Oh yeah, and I'll bring Kenny, too. He told me you put the dogs outside. Is that true?If so, I may need to give a call to DHS.

I was searching for the meaning of this song. The butterfly has significance this year for my daughter and I! Not sure what God is pointing me to, but I know it is His hand. We are His creation made new every morning... I love Corinne's music too. She will be the next cd I purchase. I love your website, You see like a super cool girl. Thanks for letting me speak!

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