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October 2006


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and why does this sound like an exercpt from a really cool novel? you know what i'm thinking....

You're thinking I should like write a book or something?

If this is an "excerpt", the whole book would be my post with "by Quel" before it and "The End" after. That's all I got. Thanks, though. That's a pretty awesome thing to say--or insinuate that you think that.

Watch, you gon' be like, 'Naaaaaw, that's not really what I was thinking buuuuuut...' :)

at least your story wasn't about falling asleep in the terminal! that woulda sucked!

I love Zero 7 and can imagine the dreamy state you must have been in.

I agree with Indigo Soul. Very "relatable" and nicely said. Now readers want to know where you were going. BTW, Nanowrimo is next month!

unless you are an analog girl thrown into this digital world and haven't gotten around to catching onto the trend of music in the pocket...I'll get there one day...and use this as a pointer...

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  • Wherever we are, if Zack is sitting, he is reading. Except on Saturdays when he gets screen time, then he's like, "Book what? Read who?"

    harry potter

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