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March 2007


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I lived in Japan a whole year and never tried the raw fish. I finally did late last year. It's actually pretty good, depending on which one. This doesn't mean I'll be eating it again though. I recommend smoked salmon to work your way up to it.

You can say you feel grown up and ooh wee wasabi mistaken for guacamole, dang girl I know you was seeing Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints! I can not eat wasabi at all because it makes my nasal passages open up like crazy. You makin' me want some california maki right now.

I admit to being a California Roll type girl myself. Raw fish scares me!

The raw fish is good. Really. There's one I really like...Yellowtail, maybe? It's sort of sweet. Anyway, I noticed the texture of the fish more than anything else the first time I tried it--sort of soft and not soft all at once. And it didn't really resemble what I think of as "fish" at all. It's just what it is, and the raw part doesn't really impact it--like having a salad.

LMBAO!!! Yes goofy is we luv ya for it!!

Try the eel. I know, I know...but it's actually cooked and always served in this very smooth, sweet, tangy sauce.

Sushi is the bomb. And you should definitely try it before you and Billy decide to get knocked up again. (Tee Hee. I like using the term "knocked up" in positive situations, like when married people are planning to start a family.)

I love sushi or rather sashimi (the raw fish) I don't have it often but when I do, I go all out. Try the Rainbow roll which has a little bit of raw fish on it but it's mostly the seaweed and rice and is quite tasty. Yummy I can't wait to get home for some sushi now.

not big on fish but i like the cali rolls too
and yea the wasabi caught me out there one time too. they tol;d me it ws hot but I laughed how hot can it be. didnt know it was the type of heat you feed up in the top of your head

@GC-Japan for a whole year eh? Thanks for the tip.

@Bunny-Yep. Jesus might have been up in the mix.

@Anali-I'm almost positive that'll be my fate too.

@Sally-We should definitely do sushi for lunch real soon.


@L. Britt-Eel?! Hmmm.

@Honest- The Rainbow Roll...the name sounds good. Maybe I will try it.

@Jdid- I can see you now...thinkin' you can take the heat 'casue you're from the Islands. That wasabit don't play.

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