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September 2007


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sounds interesting

okay, so I finally saw it last night! Loved it! It's so organic and probably the realest show i've seen in a while. I'll definitely be a follower!

@Paula- I'm glad you like it. "Organic" is a good description. I like how the each couple says "I love you", to each other, but each individual shows love differently. Like, the point is, what is love really? Everybody interprets it differently.

exactly! It's like a new and improved version of "Thirysomething"

My HBO ondemand isn't working so I haven't seen this yet but I can't wait. Honestly I'm glad it's good because HBO shows have been not that great as of late.

Hate to beat a dead horse here, but I felt funny about the old people doin it (porn style)! i know that's age-ist to say, but I did! :)

@C-I was glad to see a good show finally too. John from Cincinnati just frustrated me. After Sex in the City and Soprano's were gone, I wasn't too sure about HBO. Entourage is good though. Rome was awesome too.

@Paula-I know what you mean. I watched in on On Demand the first time and I fast forwarded through that part. I fastforwarded through them kissing in the beginning too. When I watched it again in real-time on HBO, I looked away. I don't know what it is, but old people just don't look cute makin' out. It's sweet though that they're still like that in old age.

well, i may have to wait for the dvd of the season to come out, but sounds interesting. and the reason hbo sucks is b/c all the great shows are on showtime--weeds, the l word. yes, i watch the l word...

I love this show... I dont miss it. I can do without the old people making out. The only thing is if it was a black show that was this racey i dont think it would get the same respect that its getting. But I truly feel we need a african american show lik this. Tyler Perry Why did i get married touched on several relationship issues we have in our community but there is so much more that we dont talk about that a drama would like this one would help to generate some watercooler conversations.

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