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January 2009


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I have gone into the women's room and heard a man come in, use the stall next to mine, and almost pass out when he saw me washing my hands. He ran out - without washing his hands - when I confirmed for him that he was in the ladies' room.
I have no problems with it as long as there is a stall to hide what I don't want them to see. And if I need to fix my make-up it probably doesn't matter to me if he sees me cuz I'm sure I'm not trying to look naturally beautiful for him.
This post truly made my day.

"Naw, you alright."

That's hilarious! Dudes are so laid back. I love it!

too funny. I've used the mens room in a bar/club when I was younger and didn't want to wait for the looooooooooong ladies room line. One of the dudes was pissed and yelled at my friend and I. I think I would be weirded out to see a man use the ladies room but since we don't have urinals I guess it would be ok. lol!

Well, he'd have to have some major baby-created mess all over some *really* nice pants.

Seriously, though, I think most women might be cool with it, especially since we have stalls. But there's always the shrill one...

co-sign with paula.

i love guys. they're so cool. and bravo to you for quick-thinking and keeping such a cool head. but as i type that, i think, "that's pretty much how you roll."

I third paula and summer. i would have gone into complete panic and mortification.

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