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March 2011


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Great post!!!I feel like some Mate....(accent agrave)

Girl you got to throw some 'BOWS in the sale room at Anthropologie! They purposely make them teeny phi tiny so you give up and go to the regular priced stuff before you get carted off. Once, when I was feeling all Madea, I rolled Amsden's stroller in there. He was freaking out and yelling and I was humming while I shopped. That STILL didn't clear those bargain hunting hussies out of there.

lol @ "bargain hunting hussies". That closet is serious though. The markdowns are worth the scars.

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

I have been drinking this for about 4 days now and I love it hvweoer some may have a problem with the taste. I when to a store down the street from where I live and got some for about 3 dollars it may not be the best hvweoer I love it. I may buy some of the Guayaki next week. I love trying out new foods and teas. Enjoy

I have eaten that exact same ginger temeph pasta, and it rocks my SOCKS every time. You've gotta try popcorn tofu at Wheatsville! It'll blow your mind.Also Natalie while not as sexy as Wheatsville or Central Market may I recommend Natural Grocer? (Guadalupe and 39th). They have some fun / interesting ingredients, like ostrich meat, elk meat, buckwheat. I swear I wasn't trying to rhyme there. Anyway, Ross makes meatloaf out of their wacky selections! He uses Giada's recipe. I suspect he has the recipe memorized by now, but FOR SOME REASON, he keeps re-watching Giada's demo.

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