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When I started my blog series, Diary of Divorced CocoaMommy I used a photo of lemons and a glass of lemonade. I love the metaphor when Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I agree in some cases it is worth fighting and I definitely agree this will be the foundation for a few discussions. Mainly, topics that are kept in the closet or swept under the rug. Personally, I had to focus on how I wanted to spend my next chapters and fortunately for me wanting a life of joy, respect and fulfillment won. It was time for me to exit seasons of dysfunction, instability and disrespect.

The Unmommy

I hear you AJ. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It makes sense when the relationship is unhealthy or one-sided to part ways. I like the last song where she said something like I know I promised to leave, but sometimes promises don't go that way or something. Then she says show me your scars and then I can start the heal. In Lemonade, the man was wounded by his deed/the pain he caused her, and she needed to see him change his ways before she could let herself love him freely again. A scar indicates healing and not returning to reopen the wound. We see women staying and putting up with dysfunction all the time, or leaving in a fit of rage, but not really wanting to let go. Divorce is a necessary reality, as you have experienced. Lemonade is a different display of navigating hurdles in marriages that are normal, therefore flawed and functional. We don't see that enough on such a grand scale with young couples. Old heads are always imparting their wisdom, but seeing a young couple navigate it is refreshing. I would love to see more of that.


That's what's up! Once I saw the model with vitiligo, Winnie, I lost my shit. She's telling all black women, love yourself, flaws and all. Don't let nothing steal your joy. Jusy handle it and move forward! Her point is very well taken. What an annointing she has over her life and I thank God for speaking through her music.

Vernolla Shields

All hail Queen Bey! Well said and done.


When I tell you this article is truth. I have not seen what everyone is talking about but after reading this blog it's my next step. Beyoncé has made her mainstream money and now she gets to freely tell people the real deal of who she is and what she is about. You go Bee. I just may join the beehive now.

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